Perfect Combination for High-Gloss Results

Polishing accessories

Original Menzerna polishing tools make the most of your surface. The pads, which come in a variety of hardness levels, are perfectly tailored to the various products of the Menzerna range of car and boat polishes. Whether foam pad, wool buffing pad, backing plate or microfibre cloth - the Menzerna polishing accessories convince with the usual high quality. Menzerna Metal Polish is a highly versatile polishing compound. It can be used, for example, to deliver a perfect gloss for exhausts, radiator grilles, and decorative rims.

Polishing pads and sponges are optimized for the use with the Menzerna Polishes

Foam polishing pads

The Menzerna Premium Pads are optimized for the respective polishing step and the use with the Menzerna Polishing Programme. They support the effect of Menzerna high-performance auto polishes and deliver reliable, fast results. The Polishing Pads are available in different hardness levels and sizes.

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Fast scratch removal with high-quality wool pads

Wool buffing pads

The Menzerna wool buffing pads in combination with Menzerna Heavy Cut polishes provide unbeatable cut. The high-quality lambswool pads are in available in a variety of sizes. We offer lambswool polishing pads for rotary and orbital polishing machines.

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Compatibility between polishing tools, polishing pad, polish, and machine

Polishing tools and other accessories

The high-quality Menzerna backing plates are available in 3 sizes matching the Menzerna Premium Polishing Pads. Furthermore Menzerna offers you high quality microfiber cloths. With the Menzerna Hand Polishing Applicator the high-performance polishes can be easily applied by hand. With the polishing adapter, everyone can now use their drilling machines to polish cars.

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Polishing accessories for high-gloss results

Do you use a rotary or orbital polishing machine or a drill? Do you polish by hand? And are you looking for the right polishing accessories? Our comprehensive polishing accessory range includes high-value foam polishing pads, lambswool polishing pads, polishing plates, microfiber cloths, and other polishing accessories. In keeping with the motto “everything from a one source,” you will also find cleaning and sanding accessories in our product range.