Metal Polish

Versatile Metal Polish: gloss for metal surfaces

Metal Polish is suitable for all metallic surfaces. It is particularly ideal for polishing chrome. However, it also restores the luster of stainless steel, aluminum, copper, silver, and plastic. Menzerna Metal Polish is ideal when it comes to achieving a high-gloss finish for automotive accessories, household items, jewelry, and musical instruments. Quickly and easily removes deposits, tarnishes, and signs of use.


More information

  • Easy to use
  • Economical
  • Reliable results
  • Versatile range of applications at work, at home, and in leisure activities
  • Silicone-free
Recommended usage
  1.  Metal Polish is used to clean and polish all metallic surfaces.
  2.  Clean the surface in question with Menzerna Control Cleaner.
  3.  Apply Metal Polish to a microfiber cloth or polishing pad and polish with circular motions.
  4.  Remove any residue with a clean, soft microfiber cloth.
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Metal can be polished quickly and easily with Menzerna Metal Polish and a microfiber cloth. Polish the metal surface with circular movements. Learn more here.


Metal can be polished by hand or with a polishing machine. With Menzerna metal polish, you can make all of your metal surfaces shiny and new again.


Menzerna’s premium polishes are available both at local dealers and online in car care shops. You can quickly find the right contact person for you with our dealer search.

Metal Polish

Menzerna Metal Polish is certified under code A7 of the NSF (National Sanitation Foundation). NSF is a global leader in the area of product certification for food safety, with a focus on food, water, ambient air, and the environment. NSF carries out product tests and material analysis, as well as unannounced on-site visits. Every single aspect in the development of a product is evaluated thoroughly before it is eligible for certification.

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