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Producing the desired surface quality economically is a top priority. With a fully automated polishing line or at manual workstations. Precision work is required on automobile trim components, furniture, musical instruments, sanitary fittings, household goods and jewellery. Manufacturers and job-order polishing shops benefit from Menzerna’s many years of experience and in-depth expertise. Menzerna polishing agents with application-specific formulations create the desired surface finish on surfaces of all kinds. Menzerna polishing agents make polishing processes economical and safe. We also develop individual solutions for our industrial customers.

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Menzerna polishing agents with application-specific formulas give all product surfaces a high-gloss finish: car parts, furniture, musical instruments, sanitary fittings, household goods, and jewelry. Menzerna’s specialists know what materials have to be combined. For industrial polishing that meets the highest standards. Our goal: polishing processes with maximum efficiency and glistening results, short processing times, low material consumption, and low reject rates. That’s what Menzerna polishing agents represent.