Training by polishing experts

Detailing seminar


Over the course of an 8-hour training, authorized Menzerna trainers will teach you about the die steps behind vehicle detailing.
You will receive intensive polishing training and get to know the range of Menzerna polishes theoretically as well as practically. Our qualified trainers have many years of experience in car detailing and look forward to sharing it with you.

In small groups no larger than 5, the focus is primarily on the practical application of our polishes. Menzerna polishing trainings are oriented toward ambitious beginners as well as commercial detailers who want to expand their horizons.

Upon successful completion, each participant receives a certificate.

Menzerna Polishing Training

Training Content

PART 1: Theoretical Foundations

  • Coating structure
  • Washing & decontamination
  • Polishing (Menzerna polishes & range of products)
  • Sealing

PART 2: Practice

  • Application of Menzerna’s range of polishes
Training Dates


No upcoming Trainings scheduled.



Date:                                   December 16th & 17th

Location:                            Santiago, Zone Center, Chile

Trainer:                               Ramon Arenas



United Kingdom

Location:                           Huddersfield, England

Trainer:                              Valiant Detailing

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Upcoming dates: 

                                                         February 28, 2024:           Menzerna Certified Training

                                                         February 29, 2024:           Menzerna Certified Training



Location:                           Maryland Detail Academy

Trainer:                              Jerome Washington

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Upcoming dates: 

                                                         December 7, 2023:          Menzerna Beginner Paint Correction

                                                         December 8+9, 2023:      Menzerna Advanced Pro Paint Correction

                                                         January 4, 2024:               Menzerna Beginner Paint Correction

                                                         January 5+6, 2024:          Menzerna Advanced Pro Paint Correction

                                                         February 8, 2024:            Menzerna Beginner Paint Correction

                                                         February 9+10, 2024:     Menzerna Advanced Pro Paint Correction



Menzerna Trainers

Authorized Menzerna trainers are detailing experts with many years of practical experience who are selected by Menzerna. You will receive intensive training on Menzerna’s range of products from Menzerna’s application technicians and master perfect application of Menzerna polishes.

Training as part of Menzerna’s authorized trainer concept takes place at various locations around the world.