Training by polishing experts

Detailing seminar


Over the course of an 8-hour training, authorized Menzerna trainers will teach you about the die steps behind vehicle detailing.
You will receive intensive polishing training and get to know the range of Menzerna polishes theoretically as well as practically. Our qualified trainers have many years of experience in car detailing and look forward to sharing it with you.

In small groups no larger than 5, the focus is primarily on the practical application of our polishes. Menzerna polishing trainings are oriented toward ambitious beginners as well as commercial detailers who want to expand their horizons.

Upon successful completion, each participant receives a certificate.

Menzerna Polishing Training

Training Content

PART 1: Theoretical Foundations

  • Coating structure
  • Washing & decontamination
  • Polishing (Menzerna polishes & range of products)
  • Sealing

PART 2: Practice

  • Application of Menzerna’s range of polishes
Training Dates

Switzerland: Oftringen
Registration under info(at)
Participation fee 400 francs per person, including meals and Menzerna package

  • 29th July, 2022
  • 26th August, 2022
  • 30th September, 2022
  • 28th October, 2022

Chile: Coquimbo & Santiago
Registration under Inscripción capacitación Menzerna
Participation fee 110,000 CLP p.p.
In the training we will provide food, clothing (t-shirt and hat) and a product in 250ml format.

  • 15th & 16th of October 2022, Coquimbo
  • 22nd & 23rd of October 2022, Santiago

United Kingdom: Manchester / Sheffield Area
Registration under hello(at)
Participation fee, including meals and Menzerna package:
Advanced - 325 pounds per person,
Beginner/Enthusiast - 150 pounds per person

  • 29th July, 2022 Advanced Day
  • 30th July, 2022 Beginner/Enthusiast Day
  • 26th August, 2022 Advanced Day
  • 27th August, 2022 Beginner/Enthusiast Day
  • 30th September, 2022 Advanced Day
  • 01st October, 2022 Beginner/Enthusiast Day

United Kingdom: Birmingham Area
Registration under enquiries(at)
Participation fee 300 pounds per person, including meals and Menzerna package.

  • 22nd July, 2022

United Kingdom: York
All courses will be run by both Nick Fisher (Max Car Care) & Glyn O’Donnell (Elite Detailer) whom have joined forces to offer factory Menzerna training to suit your needs.
Both instructors will be on hand to offer you their wealth of knowledge and welcome you to the relaxed studio where you will obtain basic and skilled techniques.
Dates will be available all year around and the price of £350 per person will include plenty of light refreshments as well as lunch.

Please contact Nick on 07906 004105

Or Glyn 07930 949821

  • 30th August, 2022
  • 31st August, 2022
  • 1st September, 2022
  • 2nd September, 2022
  • 7th September, 2022
  • 8th September, 2022
  • 12th September, 2022
  • 13th September, 2022
  • 14th September, 2022
  • 15th September, 2022
  • 19th September, 2022
  • 20th September, 2022

United Kingdom / Scotland: Glasgow
Registration under and 0141 328 4897  / 07817 224 869
Participation fee 450 pounds per person, light refreshments will be provided on both dates.

Introductory course (2 Day Training)
First day = practical learning (Products), machine control and various technics
Second day = machine correction on older vehicle (flat panel polishing & vertical polishing)

  • 17th & 18th of September 2022
Menzerna Trainers

Authorized Menzerna trainers are detailing experts with many years of practical experience who are selected by Menzerna. You will receive intensive training on Menzerna’s range of products from Menzerna’s application technicians and master perfect application of Menzerna polishes.

Training as part of Menzerna’s authorized trainer concept takes place at various locations around the world.

Detailing Seminars from Polishing Experts

Expand your knowledge through Menzerna polishing trainings. Apart from the theoretical foundations, certified Menzerna trainers primarily teach about practical application of our polishes in our proven detailing courses. In a polishing training, you will have the opportunity to try out various polishing machines, polishes, and conditions on various car paints. This detailing seminar is appropriate for beginners as well as advanced students.