Correctly assessing investment projects

Economic efficiency calculations for automated sanding and polishing systems

Are you looking for new sanding and polishing equipment?

With our many years of practical experience, methodological knowledge, and structured working methods, we create data and produce sound analyses. With us at your side, you will make the right investment decisions when it comes to integration of or switching to automated sanding and polishing systems.

Profitable investment projects


Menzerna assists industrial enterprises and job-order polishing shops with technical consulting services for the integration of polishing and sanding systems into existing processes, or with the expansion of existing systems.

The goal: profitable investment projects built on a technical foundation of high quality. This lets you be sure you are making the right decisions.

Project examples

Menzerna supports industrial companies in clarifying the following issues:

  1. Should we invest in an automated polishing system?
  2. Would it be economical to polish my workpiece with an automated polishing system?
  3. Can I actually shorten my cycle times that way?

Thanks to decades of experience optimizing polishing processes and polishing agents, we are the right process partner for industrial sanding and polishing.

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