Polishing finished surfaces and wood at the highest level

Furniture industry


Dark colours and the highest demands for surface quality make polishing coated furniture a challenge. For processing PU or PE coatings: Menzerna offers the right polishing processes for the furniture industry. For automated flatbed systems, robot systems or on the hand polishing block: Menzerna has the right product for your work environment. Emulsion, solid polishing paste or polish: Menzerna consistently offers the right product combination for various surface qualities all the way to a deep gloss and mirror finish (piano look). Through close cooperation with the leading coating manufacturers, Menzerna polishing pastes meet the requirements of the latest coating generation.

Automated polishing

Polishing emulsions for furniture

Are you a furniture manufacturer looking for quality liquid polishing compounds (emulsions) for various surfaces?

Individual production and customization

Polishing pastes for furniture

Are you a furniture manufacturer looking for solid polishing compounds for various surfaces?

Process security counts in the processing of delicate furniture components

High-performance polishing pastes for the furniture industry

Kitchen fabricators, furniture manufacturers and shop fitters count on the quality of Menzerna products. Menzerna high-performance polishing pastes are convincing thanks to effective heat dissipation, an optimised bond and improved adhesion on the polishing wheel. This ensures process security in production, especially on temperature-sensitive coatings, avoids the formation of what is known as orange peel and prevents surface wear or waves. Menzerna also has the right polishing paste for furniture or furniture components made of aluminium or stainless steel.

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