Ultimate surface quality with short cycle times

Liquid polishing compounds (emulsions)


Menzerna offers the right polishing emulsion for all materials. Every surface has its own unique challenges that need to be overcome by the liquid polishing paste. We are specialists for automated polishing using centrally supplied polishing systems. That is how we know what ingredients need to be combined for the respective material. This makes it possible to consistently produce the desired surface quality.

Liquid polishing pastes in container
The right compounds for any polishing objective

Methodological quality

Menzerna offers the right emulsion for all classic polishing steps. This ensures that the right product is available for every application case in daily operations. Matting, brushing or high-gloss polishing, removal of sanding marks or throwing marks: The coherent polishing system from Menzerna covers all aspects of industrial polishing. Liquid polishing compounds are available for every polishing step, from super heavy cut to super finish.

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Economical polishing on large surfaces

The right emulsion for any surface


Liquid Polishing Paste for Aluminium

Menzerna emulsions reveal their performance and efficiency on aluminium decorative trim for the automobile industry. Further applications for Menzerna aluminium emulsions are found in the polishing of sheet metal, rims, cookware and door handles.

Polishing program aluminum


Liquid Polishing Compounds for Brass

Sanitärarmaturen aus Messing werden galvanisch verchromt. Flüssige Polierpasten von Menzerna stellen sicher, dass das Entfettungsbad nicht belastet wird. Die Messingoberfläche bleibt fettfrei, sodass sich galvanisch aufgebrachte Schichten nicht lösen. Emulsionen für Messing kommen auch beim Polieren von Lampen und Musikinstrumenten zum Einsatz.

Polishing program brass

Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel

Liquid Polishing Pastes for Stainless Steel

Stainless steel surfaces should either be brushed, semi-gloss or high gloss. Automobile components, cutlery, cookware or kitchen sinks – with the Menzerna polishing compounds for stainless steel, all objectives are achieved quickly and economically.

Polishing program stainless steel

Painted Surfaces
Painted Surfaces

Polishing Emulsions for Painted Wood Surfaces and Plastics/Composites

Menzerna emulsions for coated surfaces are used to polish furniture fronts and body trim on the vehicle interior. They are optimised for use on flat bed systems. These products contribute effectively to the cooling of sensitive coatings. Polishing delicate plastic articles is truly a challenge. Menzerna emulsions consistently meet the requirements for fast polishing to a high gloss. Even with a low contact pressure.

Polishing program painted surfaces/ plastics

For economical polishing processes:

Menzerna liquid polishing compounds

Our polishing agents are developed especially for aluminium, brass and stainless steel. They are tailored entirely to the individual requirements. We employ a team of experienced chemists and applications engineers for this purpose. Menzerna has the right emulsions for all surfaces and polishing stages. We continuously optimise our polishing pastes to account for the ongoing further development of materials. As a result, our solutions guarantee improved economic efficiency and therefore make you more competitive.

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