Heavy Cut Foam Pad

Premium polishing pad for abrasive polishes

Polishing pad for use with highly abrasive polishes. Removes scratches, sanding marks, and surface imperfections in combination with Menzerna Heavy Cut polishes. The unique structure of the polishing foam, with powerful abrasion, supports the effect of high-performance Menzerna polishes to deliver reliable and ultra fast results.



  • Rotary
  • Orbital


95mm/ 3,5" 26907.099.001
150mm/ 6" 26900.224.010
180mm/ 7" 26901.099.001
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More information

  • Tailored to Menzerna Heavy Cut polishes
  • Polishing pad is washable
  • Durable, long-lasting foam (approx. 20 vehicles can be polished)
  • Safety edge
  • High-quality velcro
  • Straightforward application

Questions & answers

Do you have a question? We have the answer. On our FAQ page you will find frequently asked questions with the corresponding answers.

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Polishing pads are generally divided into foam pads, microfiber pads, and lambswool polishing pads. Menzerna offers foam polishing pads in various degrees of hardness as well as a variety of lambswool pads for orbital and rotary polishing machines. Polishing pads come in different sizes.

Here you will find an overview of our polishing pads.

A sanding pad is designed specifically for sanding and features abrasive grit for material removal. Sanding pads are available with grit of different sizes.
A polishing pad is designed specifically for polishing and is usually made from foam, with various degrees of hardness to choose from, from hard to very soft. There are also lambswool polishing pads and microfiber pads. To the Menzerna Pads.


Approximately 20 cars can be polished with Menzerna’s premium pads. However, the polishing pads need to be thoroughly cleaned. The Menzerna Premium Pads are available in different sizes:
- Heavy Cut Foam Pad
- Medium Cut Foam Pad
- Soft Cut Foam Pad
- Wax Foam Pad


Menzerna’s premium pads are color-coordinated with the polish labels. The recommended polishing accessories can be found on each product’s detail page on our website. Product overview.


Recommendation for Menzerna polishes and a surface measuring 40 cm × 40 cm:

  • Pad with a diameter of 95 mm: 3 to 4 pea-sized drops
  • Pad with a diameter of 150 mm: 5 pea-sized drops
  • Pad with a diameter of 180 mm: 6 to 7 pea-sized drops


Heavy Cut Foam Pad

Outstanding foam polishing pad for use with our abrasive polishes. Perfectly tailored to Menzerna Heavy Cut polishes. Supports the abrasive performance – and quickly and reliably removes scratches from the car coat. This long-lasting polishing pad is suitable for rotary and orbital polishing machines alike.

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