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Individual polishing agents for your special application

Can’t find a suitable polishing solution for your industrial polishing process?

Menzerna develops individual special formulations for industrial users. Based on our many years of development experience, we develop polishing agents that are optimized for your requirements and circumstances. Whether they are polishing emulsions, solid polishing compounds, or polishes, we create the right polishing agent for every application. Innovative processes in combination with state-of-the-art measurement technology make Menzerna the preferred development and production partner in industry.


Development of Polishing Compounds
Our expertise:

Formula know-how

In our laboratory, we are continuously developing client-oriented innovations. They are tested very precisely in our testing center, the Menzerna technical center. With standardized test series, we incorporate upstream as well as downstream processing steps. Many quality characteristics of our polishing compounds, emulsions, and polishes are created during the manufacturing process. Our expertise in mechanical process technology is one of our core competencies. In our polishing agent formulas, we always rely on high-quality raw ingredients. The results of our innovative polishing agents are high-performance and cost-effectiveness.

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