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For over 130 years, Menzerna has been making products for refining, polishing, maintaining, repairing, and protecting surfaces. The product range comprises effective polishing agents for the entire automotive industry, developed in keeping with industrial and trade requirements. Car polishes that systematically, economically, and reliably produce glistening results. For automobile manufacturers, automobile industry suppliers, body & paint shops and vehicle detailers as well as the end user. Menzerna automotive polishing compounds inspire the entire industry.

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Perfect coating surfaces are a must for automobile manufacturers, automobile industry suppliers, vehicle detailers and coating shops. Menzerna offers the solution, because our car polishing agents are perfectly adapted to the requirements of the automotive industry. Imperfections and scratches are quickly dealt with on various finishes. For that, we offer a convincing and complete system of paint polishes, polishing pads, and sanding compounds. Quality, process reliability, cleanliness, and speed are the requirements for the automotive trades. We offer polishing systems that meet these challenges any time. Menzerna polishing agents for cars are high-performance, variable, and reliable. Whether car manufacturers, suppliers, detailers, or painters – Menzerna is the best choice. Our car polishing agents reliably remove scratches, varnish runs, spray, smears, shading, and holograms.



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