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The Menzerna professional polishes are high-quality premium polishes. We provide high-quality polishing agents without fillers or silicones as standard. Which Menzerna polish is the right one in individual cases depends on many factors (type of paint, condition, desired polishing machine, etc.)

Menzerna’s premium polishes are available both at local dealers and online in car care shops. You can quickly find the right contact person for you with our dealer search.

Heavy Cut Polish: to remove heavy signs of use / deep scratches in the car (grit between P1200 and P2000).
Medium Cut Polish: to remove medium signs of use / scratches in the car (grit P3000).
Finish Polish: to remove holograms in the car and create high gloss.
Sealing: to protect the surface after polishing.

To the products.

The Menzerna Premium Pads are color-coordinated with the polish labels. On our website you will find the recommended polishing accessories on the individual product pages. Go to the product overview.

Deep scratches are best removed with a rotary polishing machine in combination with a Heavy Cut Polish. An abrasive pad is the right choice. Depending on the scratch, it can be polished with the Heavy Cut Foam Pad or Lambskin Pad. Sanding may be necessary before polishing.