A passion for quality

We improve the quality and efficiency of polishing processes, and are preferred development partner to our customers. In this way we support our clients in gaining sustainable competitive advantages.


Polishing technology since 1888


A history that inspires...

Menzerna has been developing and producing polishing compounds for over 100 years.

When Friedrich Menzer founded the company in Pforzheim in 1888, polishing agents were among the main products in the local jewelery industry. Solid polishing compounds were produced primarily for watchmakers and small businesses.


A focus that endures...

Alongside polishing agents for the jewelery industry, the factory now also offers solid polishing compounds for metalworking firms.

The focus on individual polishing solutions draws the attention of customers from Germany and the rest of Europe to the company in Baden.


An evolution that pushes forward...

Menzerna is expanding its product portfolio and offering polishing compounds and polishes for all materials and surfaces.

With offices in China and the Middle East, Menzerna is growing into a mid-sized industrial company. Large industrial clients worldwide rely on polishing agents from Menzerna.


A history that makes us specialists...

Today, Menzerna is an innovative, global, mid-sized industrial company.

Supported by a century's worth of experience, we develop and produce high-value polishing agents with state-of-the-art methods for the most demanding customers there are: pros in industrial and trade applications.

Our expertise:

High-performance polishing agents

Backed with the experience of a century, we have been developing and producing high-quality solid polishing pastes, polishing emulsions and car polishes and boat polishes since 1888. The passion for perfection is incorporated in every Menzerna product, guaranteeing ultimate quality and economic efficiency. All industrial polishing fields of application are covered with more than 200 innovative formulations. A network of branches and dealers supplies industry and trades around the world with premium polishing compounds from Ötigheim in Germany. In addition to the product business, Menzerna is a process partner for industrial enterprises. The polishing expert provides technical services supporting its customers with the optimisation of their polishing processes.

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