Solid compounds, emulsions and polishes for industry and trades

Polishing compounds in Premium quality


Polishing compound, emulsion, or polish: polishing increases the functional as well as the aesthetic value of a product. Menzerna develops and produces the right polishing agent for industry and trades. With a variety of innovative formulas, we cover every area of industrial polishing. Our polishing agents stand for quality, speed, and process reliability on aluminum, brass, stainless steel, or coated surfaces. Whether applied by hand or through fully automated polishing systems, Menzerna polishing compounds are used wherever perfect and fast polishing results are needed.

For industry and trades

Innovative polishing compounds

Menzerna offers solid and liquid polishing compounds for all common materials. Manufacturers of household goods, automotive parts, furniture, or sanitary fittings rely on the proven quality of Menzerna polishing paste and emulsions. A revolution in industrial polishing: MeLT® (Menzerna Liquefaction Technology) is a hot-melt process for the application of polishing compounds. It combines the benefits of emulsions with those of solid compounds.

What makes our polishing agents unique?

Polishing compounds of the highest quality

More than 130 years of experience go into their development: We have a precise understanding of application technology. We only use base materials of high quality. We have mastered the production process. We develop innovative polishing agents of high quality using the latest methods. We are a reliable, flexible new development partner for our customers. For economical polishing processes and perfect surfaces. And therefore also to improve the competitiveness of our customers.