Polishing Adapter for Drilling Machines

Polishing with a drill or battery-powered screwdriver

Adapter to enable the use of a backing plate with M14 gauge (EU) or 5/8'' gauge (US) with a standard drill. The 6 mm-thick shaft is compatible with all standard drills and all standard battery-powered screwdrivers. The gauges are compatible with our Premium Backing Plates.



With a drill/battery-powered screwdriver


EU: M14 26916.099.001
US: 5/8'' 26916.099.133
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  • A great-value alternative to a polishing machine
  • Polishing for all

Questions & answers

Do you have a question? We have the answer. On our FAQ page you will find frequently asked questions with the corresponding answers.

To the FAQs

Backing plates are used with rotary polishing machines. Menzerna offers backing plates in three sizes, depending on the size of the polishing pad. It’s important to remember that the polishing pad should always be bigger than the backing plate.


Scratches and surface defects in the paint can best be seen in bright light. No shadows should be visible on the surface.


Menzerna offers polishing training courses for polishing beginners and professional vehicle detailers in different countries. These courses are provided by authorized Menzerna trainers. Additional information is available here.

If you plan to polish your car at home, you should do so at a location protected from environmental influences. The most suitable place is a garage in which you can optimally illuminate the vehicle. Alternatively, you could polish the car under a carport. The car should never be polished in direct sunlight.


For polishing beginners who are working with a polishing machine for the first time, we recommend starting with an orbital polishing machine and the Menzerna One-Step Polish 3in1. In combination with the 3in1, the Medium Cut Foam Pad would be the right choice. Distribute the fine abrasive polish evenly over the paint and polish with light to medium pressure. Detailed recommendations can be found on the product page.


Polishing Adapter for Drilling Machines

With an adapter for a drill/battery-powered screwdriver, polishing at home is now easier than ever. The adapter is compatible with our backing plates and polishing pads.

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