Polishing brass fittings at the highest level

Sanitary fittings


Leading manufacturers of bath fittings rely on Menzerna polishing pastes for mechanical surface treatment. The goal of manufacturers is to keep their processes streamlined and their scrap rates low. This requires precise processing, especially on brass. No polishing marks are permitted on the often complex work piece geometries after polishing. On the one hand, this is to reduce the proportion of manual post-processing. On the other than, chrome plating that is galvanically applied after polishing can otherwise come off. Menzerna offers a selection of high-performance polishing pastes that takes the special requirements of the fittings industry into account.

Polishing fittings

Polishing agent for brass fittings

Menzerna’s range of polishes for brass fittings is complete and optimized for downstream processing steps.

Product range for brass

Optimised for downstream process steps

Polishing compounds and emulsions for fittings

Menzerna offers a complete range of products for fitting manufacturers. All polishing stages are covered. Mill scale, throwing marks or grinding marks: Menzerna consistently offers a suitable process. No matter whether the surface is to be brushed, prepared for galvanising or polished to a high-gloss finish. High-quality polishing minerals ensure polishing results of consistently high quality. After all, chrome gloss on sanitary fittings and other galvanically coated components only comes into its own with proper polishing prior to coating.

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