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Achieve success in just 4 simple steps with our versatile polishing system. In addition to our trusted standard polishes, our 4-step approach offers various alternatives, ensuring flexibility and reliability tailored to your specific task and desired outcome. Experience premium results in record time with our car polishes, all thanks to the latest polishing technologies that enhance protection and preserve the value of your vehicle. That is why our pro car polish is valued and widely used by professionals.

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Four steps for brilliant results

Step 2

Medium Cut

Menzerna Medium Cut Polishes for signs of use and moderate scratches. Fine abrasive polishes for scratch-free car paints with exceptional gloss.

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Step 3


Menzerna finishes are the perfect car polishes for slight scratches and smears. Absolutely hologram-free finish with an exclusive shine, even on black cars.

Standard products

Special products

Step 4


Menzerna sealants offer long-lasting protection. For a protected, noticeably smoother finish with perfect water-beading properties.

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Effectively remove scratches on your surface

Menzerna presents a comprehensive range of car polishes meticulously crafted to meet industrial process standards. Our lineup encompasses effective products for surface preparation, abrasive sanding polishes, finishes to achieve hologram-free surfaces and mirror shine, and long-lasting sealants. Complementing this range is a cohesive accessories program. Leveraging cutting-edge polishing technologies and innovative one-step products that streamline processes, Menzerna guarantees swift, top-tier results. By eschewing silicones and fillers, our car polishes deliver authentic and enduring polishing outcomes.