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Instructions on how to polish a car:

  1. Before you begin polishing, the car should be washed by hand and cleaned with a clay bar.
  2. The car should then be masked and, if necessary, sanded.
  3. Next, select the appropriate polish based on the condition of the paint and test it on a small spot directly on the car.
  4. Apply the polish to the corresponding pad and distribute it evenly over the paint.
  5. Continue distributing the polish with the appropriate pressure and rotational speed until it’s transparent.
  6. Remove any excess polish using a microfiber cloth and, if necessary, Control Cleaner.

Menzerna’s professional polishes are high-quality premium polishes made from high-quality polishing agents without any fillers or silicones. Which Menzerna polish is the right car polish for each application depends on many factors (type of paint, condition, desired polishing machine, etc.).


How often a car can be polished is different for each car and depends on the paint thickness and type of paint. A paint thickness gauge can be used to determine the paint thickness available. However, only the top layer (the clear coat) can be polished.

Caring for and polishing your car on a regular basis can maintain its value over the long term. Polishing removes scratches in the paint and makes the car look shiny and new.


If your car has scratches or if the paint is lackluster and has lost its shine, then a professional car polish can restore the paint to its former glory.

Depending on the polish, it takes approximately 50 to 100 ml to polish a medium-sized car.


The car paint should be analyzed before polishing. What condition is the car in and how deep are the scratches? This will provide clues on what the polish needs to deliver. You should also decide in advance which machine to use and how much time you’re willing to invest (one or more stages of polishing). The right polishes can be selected on the basis of these criteria and with the help of our polishing processes.


A professional car polish without fillers and silicones smooths the surface mechanically. The polishing minerals remove a thin layer of paint and smooth the surface, resulting in increased reflection and a glossy surface.


If you plan to polish your car at home, you should do so at a location protected from environmental influences. The most suitable place is a garage in which you can optimally illuminate the vehicle. Alternatively, you could polish the car under a carport. The car should never be polished in direct sunlight.


Polish is optimally applied using a polishing machine and the corresponding polishing pad. A hand-polishing applicator can simplify the process of polishing by hand.


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Using Menzerna Polishes

With the rework of our car polish Heavy Cut Compound 400, we were able to further improve our multi-stage premium polish. The improved formulation ensures effective and user-friendly work. More pleasant working without solvent odor, easier removal of the polish as well as less dust development now ensure better polishing experiences.  Find an explanatory video of the HCC 400 Improved Formulation here.

Menzerna polishes are perfectly designed for use with Menzerna polishing pads. Detailed recommendations can be found on the product page or in the technical data sheets.


For more pronounced scratches/signs of wear, grit P1200-P1500 (depending on the product): Menzerna abrasive polishes (Heavy Cut polishes)
Medium scratches, grit P3000: Menzerna fine abrasive polishes (Medium Cut polishes)
Light scratches, holograms, gloss production: Menzerna gloss polishes (Finish polishes)
Maintaining the polishing results: Menzerna sealants

To the program overview.


Which rotational speed is appropriate for Menzerna polishes depends on the product, the type of paint, the machine used, and the size of the pad. Recommendations can be found on the product page or in the product’s technical data sheets.


For polishing beginners who are working with a polishing machine for the first time, we recommend starting with an orbital polishing machine and the Menzerna One-Step Polish 3in1. In combination with the 3in1, the Medium Cut Foam Pad would be the right choice. Distribute the fine abrasive polish evenly over the paint and polish with light to medium pressure. Detailed recommendations can be found on the product page.


It takes a multi-stage polishing process to give a car the ultimate level of shine. Menzerna offers various combinations that lead to a showroom finish. For example, the following finishes can be used in the order specified: HCC 400, MCP 2500, SFP 3800. To maintain the polishing results, a sealant such as Power Lock can be applied afterwards.

Black paint is polished like other colors of paint. Either a Heavy Cut, Medium Cut, or Finish polish is selected depending on the condition of the paint. Because even the smallest scratches are easy to see on black cars, we recommend finishing off the polishing process with a Finish polish. The SF 3500 and SFP 3800 gloss polishes create the ultimate shine even on dark paints.


All of our car polishes are also suitable for black car paint. When it comes to Finish polishes, the SF 3500 and SFP 3800 gloss polishes are especially good for black cars due to their dark color.


The One-Step Polish 3in1, MCP 2400 and SF 3500 car polishes are ideal for sticky paint.


Menzerna has developed polishes specifically for gel coats. You can choose between different boat polishes for any application.


Metal can be polished quickly and easily with Menzerna Metal Polish and a microfiber cloth. Polish the metal surface with circular movements. Learn more here.


Metal can be polished by hand or with a polishing machine. With Menzerna metal polish, you can make all of your metal surfaces shiny and new again.


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Removing Scratches and Holograms in the car

Deep scratches are best removed with a rotary polishing machine in combination with a Heavy Cut polish. An abrasive pad is the right choice. You can use a polishing pad such as the Heavy Cut Foam Pad or a lambswool pad. Sanding may be necessary before polishing.


Yes, even scratch-proof paints can be treated with an abrasive polish.


No. If a scratch goes deeper than the clear coat, it cannot be removed entirely. The fingernail test can help: if a scratch is deep enough that it clearly catches your fingernail, polishing will generally not remove it. But it’s always possible to improve the overall appearance.


Holograms are fine polishing marks that can appear when polishing with a Heavy Cut or Medium Cut polish. They can be removed with a fine abrasive polish/a finish.


Swirls are fine to medium-deep scratches in the car paint that are circular in shape and caused by the rotating brushes used in automatic car washes. Small particles of dirt in the washing brushes or insufficient prewashing can also lead to car wash scratches. Depending on the depth, car wash scratches can be removed with a Medium Cut polish or a Finish polish.


Imperfections are flaws in the paint that occur during the painting process such as the orange peel effect, varnish runs, and dirt inclusions, and can be removed with sanding and polishing. Our polishing recommendations for body and paint shops.


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Polishing by hand vs. with a polishing machine

When using electric polishing machines, the different parameters are determined on the basis of the desired car polish. Elements such as pressure, rotational speed, and polishing pad play an important role when it comes to polishing with polishing machines and have a major impact on the success of the polishing process. Menzerna polishes are developed for polishing machines. You can find recommendations on how to use them directly on the product page or in the technical data sheets.


All Menzerna polishes are developed for professional use with a polishing machine.


There are rotary and orbital polishing machines. Orbital polishing machines are divided into fixed and random models.


The backing plate of a rotary polishing machine turns in a circle around a fixed point. Rotary machines are ideal for removing deeper cracks in the paint.
The backing plate of the orbital polishing machine produces orbital movements, making the orbital machine suitable for single-stage polishing processes, in particular.


There are two types of orbital polishing machine: random and fixed. The backing plate of a random orbital polishing machine can be turned, while that of a fixed machine cannot.

Yes, Menzerna car polishes can also be used for polishing by hand. In particular, Medium Cut 2400, One-Step Polish 3in1, Power Protect Ultra 2in1, and all Finish polishes and sealants are ideal for application by hand.


When polishing by hand, car polishes are best applied with a hand-polishing applicator or a microfiber cloth – always with circular movements and light pressure.


Scratches and surface defects in the paint can best be seen in bright light. No shadows should be visible on the surface.


Plastics, windows, metals, etc. should be masked before polishing. The masking tape should be suitable for polishing, and the adhesive should not dissolve when exposed to heat. Remove the masking tape immediately after polishing/sealing.


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Professional Detailing

Detailing refers to the act of restoring/improving an object. Many steps can improve the condition of a car, boat, and other objects. Detailing entails many different steps, including washing, polishing, protecting, and maintaining surfaces. Our product range for detailer.


Car detailing refers to the act of restoring vehicles to their former glory. The car is gently washed, polished, and sealed, and scratches and cosmetic damage repaired. The aim of car detailing is to improve the vehicle’s condition and increase its value.


Professional car detailing can vary between €200 and €1,000, depending on the scope of work and the customer’s desires. The price is always based on the services provided (single-stage vs. multi-stage polishing, polishing wax vs. ceramic coating ...).


Menzerna offers polishing training courses for polishing beginners and professional vehicle detailers in different countries. These courses are provided by authorized Menzerna trainers. Additional information is available here.

In Germany, a one-day Menzerna training course costs €249 per person, including Menzerna starter pack and food. Prices may vary in other countries. Please contact your certified Menzerna trainer directly for prices. Additional information about polishing training courses is available here.


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Polishing pads and accessories

Polishing pads are generally divided into foam pads, microfiber pads, and lambswool polishing pads. Menzerna offers foam polishing pads in various degrees of hardness as well as a variety of lambswool pads for orbital and rotary polishing machines. Polishing pads come in different sizes.

Here you will find an overview of our polishing pads.

A sanding pad is designed specifically for sanding and features abrasive grit for material removal. Sanding pads are available with grit of different sizes.
A polishing pad is designed specifically for polishing and is usually made from foam, with various degrees of hardness to choose from, from hard to very soft. There are also lambswool polishing pads and microfiber pads. To the Menzerna Pads.


Which polishing pad is suitable is dependent on the surface composition, the type of paint, the type of machine, and the polish selected. Menzerna offers the right polishing pads for each of its polishes. Recommendations are available on each product’s detail page. Product overview.



Backing plates are used with rotary polishing machines. Menzerna offers backing plates in three sizes, depending on the size of the polishing pad. It’s important to remember that the polishing pad should always be bigger than the backing plate.


Approximately 20 cars can be polished with Menzerna’s premium pads. However, the polishing pads need to be thoroughly cleaned. The Menzerna Premium Pads are available in different sizes:
- Heavy Cut Foam Pad
- Medium Cut Foam Pad
- Soft Cut Foam Pad
- Wax Foam Pad


Menzerna’s premium pads are color-coordinated with the polish labels. The recommended polishing accessories can be found on each product’s detail page on our website. Product overview.


Recommendation for Menzerna polishes and a surface measuring 40 cm × 40 cm:

  • Pad with a diameter of 95 mm: 3 to 4 pea-sized drops
  • Pad with a diameter of 150 mm: 5 pea-sized drops
  • Pad with a diameter of 180 mm: 6 to 7 pea-sized drops


Foam polishing pads can be washed by hand with clear water. Alternatively, a bucket may also be used. Please note: Lambswool polishing pads should never be rinsed with water. Instead, they should be cleaned with a lambswool brush or an air blow gun.


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Sealant and Polishing Wax

PPU 2in1 is a Finish polish and sealant that seals with carnauba wax and has a service life of one and a half to two months. Power Lock Ultimate Protection is a polymer sealant with a service life of approximately six months.

Power Lock has a service life of approximately six months and can be removed with a Heavy Cut polish (e.g., HCC400) in combination with the Heavy Cut Foam Pad.


Power Lock should be distributed evenly over the paint using the Wax Foam Pad with a low rotational speed and low pressure. Continue polishing the surface until it’s transparent. Wait at least 20 to 30 minutes and then remove any excess polish with a microfiber cloth and allow to harden for several hours. Detailed instructions are available here.


A polishing wax seals the surface with wax and is primarily made from naturally occurring components. Car wax has a maximum service life of three months. Sealant seals car paint with synthetically produced polymers and has a maximum service life of six months.

A ceramic coating can be removed with a Heavy Cut polish (e.g., HCC400) and the Heavy Cut Foam Pad.


A ceramic coating can be maintained with a detailer such as Endless Shine, which restores shine and keeps the beading effect active for longer.


Beading refers to the surface’s ability to form beads, and can be achieved with car waxes and sealants.
Sheeting is when a sealant is applied to a surface to make it water-repellent, with the effect that water immediately flows off of the car, taking any loose surface dirt with it.


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Car washing and cleaning

Hand-washing is not only very gentle on the paint, but also prevents car wash scratches and achieves better/more precise washing results.


In automatic car washes, hardened brushes and dirty ribbons can cause car wash scratches (swirls), which is not the case if the vehicle is washed correctly by hand.


When washing your car by hand, choose a location protected from environmental influences (carport/garage). After washing, the car should be dried with a microfiber cloth or an air blow gun. Once the car has been carefully washed by hand, any stubborn dirt can be removed with a clay bar.


Menzerna microfiber cloths can be washed in the washing machine at the temperature printed on the label. Further information on care can also be found in the product recommended usage:
- Standard Microfiber Cloth
- Premium Microfiber Cloth


Before polishing a car, it should be washed by hand. If necessary, a special clay can be used to remove any contaminants afterwards.


Instructions on how to use a clay bar on cars:

  1. Form the clay into a disk the size of the palm of your hand.    
  2. Spray a sufficient amount of Menzerna Endless Shine onto a manageable surface of paint (approx. 60 × 60 cm).    
  3. Wipe the clay across the surface in straight movements (avoid circular movements). Do not apply any pressure. Make sure that there’s always enough Endless Shine on the surface to keep the clay sliding over the paint. Never use detailing clay dry.
  4. Once the first section has been cleaned, fold the contaminants into the inside and form another flat disk.


Clay bars can be used to remove stubborn dirt from the car paint. Resin and insects should be removed from the surface of the car to prevent them from binding with the paint during the polishing process.


It removes stubborn dirt such as flash rust, resin, and insects from the car paint. Claying the car creates a cleaner, much smoother surface.


Cars can be clayed after each wash.

The car should be washed by hand before cleaning it with clay. The two-bucket washing method is ideal for gentle car washing.


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Shelf Life, Storage, and Ingredients

Depending on the product and country, each 250 ml bottle of Menzerna car polish costs between €10 and €20. Depending on the product and country, one liter of car polish costs between €30 and €50.


Menzerna’s premium polishes are available both at local dealers and online in car care shops. You can quickly find the right contact person for you with our dealer search.

Menzerna polishes have a shelf life of two years as of the production date. Recommendations regarding shelf life and storage can be found on the polish labels.

The polishes should be stored upright at temperatures between 5 and 30°C. Avoid frost and direct sunlight.


Our polishes are made from high-quality polishing minerals and do not contain any silicones or fillers. Menzerna car polishes smooth the surface mechanically. Scratches are permanently removed with the smoothing of the paint, rather than temporarily covered with fillers and silicones. One exception is our sealants (Power Lock, Sealing Wax, Liquid Carnauba and Premium Protection), which require silicones to protect the surface.


The weight of the polish depends on its density. Heavy Cut polishes have a higher density than, for example, Finish polishes, which means that a Heavy Cut Polish (250 ml) weighs more in kilograms than, for example, a 250 ml Finish polish.


How full a product bottle is depends on the density of the product. Polishes with a higher density also have a higher fill level. Because all of our polishes come in the same bottle, there may be differences in fill level.


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