Fact 3

DATA trumps gut instinct.

Full transparency: The basis for well-founded and objective decisions is a consulting approach based exclusively on resilient, reproducible measurement data. By collecting and precisely analyzing all key process data, we are able to identify potential improvements for quantifiable increases in efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


Process data

The fingerprint process, developed by Menzerna, is unparalleled on the market. It enables quantitative and cost-effective performance comparisons between polishing processes. The process parameters can be varied at random. The measuring technology used generates valid data; we can then use this data as a basis on which to make feasible recommendations for our customers.



Product data 

Are you sure that you’re using the right polishing tools? Menzerna offers the certification of polishing tools on the basis of transparent performance comparisons. As such, we make it easier for you to choose suppliers and spare you the need for lengthy testing. You gain reliable information about service lives and the suitability of different polishing tools for your application.