Gelcoat Premium Gloss

High-gloss boat polish for a perfect mirror finish

A flawless mirror finish for boats. The GC Premium Gloss boat polish does a superb job on dark gel coat surfaces. Glide effortlessly across the water thanks to a flawlessly smooth finish. Elegance meets functional excellence thanks to this high-gloss polish for sailboats and motorboats alike.

Finish polish for brilliant gloss


250ml 24014.281.080
1l 24014.261.080




Step 1
Heavy Cut
Step 2
Medium Cut
Step 3
Step 4

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More information

  • A flawless finish for enhanced aerodynamics
  • High-end polishing minerals enable peerless deep shine
  • Value retention and appreciation of the boat
Process Example

Boat polish Gelcoat Premium Gloss

Menzerna Gelcoat Premium Gloss polishes boats to achieve peerless shine. This gel coat polish enables flawlessly smooth finishes and gets boats looking their best.

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