Gelcoat Premium Protection

Long-lasting polymer sealant especially for boat care

Cutting-edge polymer technology enables a visibly fresher and noticeably smoother gel coat finish. Effervescent effect: less resistance, lower consumption. This sealant offers durable, long-lasting protection for your boat.

Premium long-lasting sealant


250ml 24015.281.080
1l 24015.261.080


Step 1
Heavy Cut
Step 2
Medium Cut
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More information

  • A flawless finish for enhanced aerodynamics
  • Value retention and appreciation of the boat
  • Effectively prevents the buildup of dirt, even during long periods of mooring and inactivity
Process Example

Seal for boats

Menzerna Gelcoat Protection acts as a long-lasting sealant for boats. This gel coat sealant repels dirt from the boat’s coat.

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