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menzerna polishing compounds GmbH & Co. KG

Industriestraße 25
76470 Ötigheim

Phone: +49 (0)7222 91 57 0
Fax: +49 (0)7222 91 57 810


Menzerna liquid polishing compounds (emulsions)

Ultimate surface quality with short cycle times

Manufacturers of decorative components for the automobile industry and manufacturers of sanitary fittings, furniture and household goods choose Menzerna liquid polishing compounds. That is because process security and quality are essential for them. Abrasiveness, gloss values, consumption, tool wear and degreasing properties are crucial. Every emulsion is developed internally by Menzerna and carefully tested in the Menzerna technical centre. The upstream and downstream process steps are coordinated as well. Stable polishing processes and the highest surface quality with short cycle times are key success factors for Menzerna.

Our product range: The right emulsion for any application

Polishing Emulsions for several surfaces Emulsions ordered by surface


Aluminium, brass, stainless steel or coated surfaces. Every emulsion was developed especially for the respective material. Please select the desired material.


Choose surface
Emulsions ordered by polishing step


Liquid polishing pastes – from super heavy cut to super finish. Here you will find the optimum polishing stage tailored to your individual application. Make your selection now.


Choose polishing stage

For economical polishing processes: Menzerna liquid polishing compounds (emulsions)

Aluminium, brass or metal surfaces – Menzerna offers the right polish.

That is why manufacturers of household goods, automobile components, furniture and sanitary fittings put their trust in us. Security and the highest surface quality in the shortest time are what counts for them. The coordination of upstream and downstream process steps is also important. After all, stable polishing processes are essential for economic efficiency. Innovative development and production processes are standard at Menzerna. For us, taking the greatest possible care in the selection of raw materials is a matter of course. We continuously optimise our products. Following development in the laboratory, they are put through their paces in the test centre. Intensively and under realistic conditions. Here we benefit from more than 125 years of experience.

Our emulsions: Patent remedies for improved competitiveness

Abrasiveness, gloss values, tool wear and degreasing properties are important when it comes to metallic surfaces. Our polishing agents are developed especially for aluminium, brass and stainless steel. They are tailored entirely to the individual requirements. We employ a team of experienced chemists and applications engineers for this purpose. Menzerna has the right emulsions for all surfaces and polishing stages. Polishing door handles, cookware, door and window frames, lamps and countless other products becomes highly efficient with Menzerna polishing emulsions, leading to optimum results. We continuously optimise our polishing pastes to account for the ongoing further development of materials. As a result, our solutions guarantee improved economic efficiency and therefore make you more competitive.