Paving the way for the polishing process

Cleaning & Sanding Accessories

A Clean Bill of Health! Deliver a clean surface with Menzerna cleaning accessories and lay the groundwork for polishing and sealing. Our high-quality cleaning products are the first step to achieving high-gloss vehicles. Sanding lays the groundwork when it comes to polishing surfaces with stubborn paint irregularities and paves the way to a scratch-free and high-gloss paint.

Squeaky Clean

Menzerna Cleaning Accessories

Regular washing is essential if a car is to hold its value. The MZ Wash car shampoo has been developed for gentle yet thorough washing by hand. Thanks to the Control Cleaner cleaning spray, polish residues, grease, and contaminants can be made to vanish in no time, whereas the Endless Shine detailing spray puts the finishing touch to all smooth surfaces. Effortlessly refresh your car’s sheen. Premium beading effect included.


MZ Wash


Car Wash Mitt


Car Wash Bucket


Control Cleaner


Endless Shine

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Regular washing is essential if a car is to hold its value. Properly executed manual car washing is gentle on the paint. Alongside the technique, choosing the right car shampoo, Car Wash Bucket, and Cat Wash Mitt is a key factor in the success of handwashing. Menzerna offers high-value cleaning products for a clean and well-kept car.