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menzerna polishing compounds GmbH & Co. KG

Industriestraße 25
76470 Ötigheim

Phone: +49 (0)7222 91 57 0
Fax: +49 (0)7222 91 57 810


Economical aluminium polishing

From brushed to high gloss: Menzerna aluminium polishing paste systems

Surfaces can only be assessed reliably after anodising. That is the special challenge when it comes to polishing aluminium. Avoiding oversized particles in aluminium polishing pastes is therefore essential. The surface must not heat up too much when polishing aluminium because excessively high temperatures change the aluminium lattice structure. This has a negative impact on the surface finish after anodising.

Optimum results with Menzerna polishing compounds

Some Menzerna aluminium polishing pastes are top cut adjusted to prevent oversized particles. They feature better adhesion to the polishing wheel thanks to an optimised bond. Heat is therefore dissipated effectively. Industrial large-scale customers in a wide variety of industries count on high-performance polishing pastes from Menzerna for the everyday polishing of aluminium.

Solid polishing pastes for aluminium polishing

Emulsions for aluminium polishing

Polishing aluminium decorative trim on automated robot systems

Automobile suppliers that polish aluminium decorative trim usually work with one-step polishing processes. Decorative trim is produced in aluminium extruded sections or bent and shaped from aluminium sheets. The grit for aluminium should never be too coarse. This protects the material and reduces polishing times. Surface defects only become visible after anodising. The polishing of aluminium decorative components is especially important in order to keep scrap rates low. Aluminium polishing pastes from Menzerna are particularly well suited for the economical polishing of aluminium decorative trim.

Greasy or low-grease polishing pastes for every aluminium alloy

Oversized particles are prevented through a special top cut correction. This avoids unwanted polishing marks. In addition, special optimised bonds improve the adhesion of the aluminium polishing paste on the polishing wheel. They also dissipate heat effectively. Polishing pastes with a higher grease content are used for polishing hard aluminium alloys. Pastes with a lower grease content on the other hand are suitable for softer alloys. Cutting speeds of 50-60m/s are recommended for optimum results.

Aluminium polishing with Menzerna: perfectly fitting products for every application

Menzerna emulsions are used for polishing aluminium on fully automated robot systems. Components with large surface areas such as aluminium decorative trim, technical components, plain sheets and roof rails in particular are polished. Solid aluminium polishing pastes are used at manual workstations or in automated processes. They are used for example to polish cooking pots, picture frames, door handles or lamps. The requirements of users are diverse. Menzerna offers the right polishing system for any base surface and every desired aluminium surface finish. No matter whether the aluminium part is unfinished, has fine throwing marks, or was sanded with a P280 or P400 grit: Menzerna polishes aluminium to a high gloss. Brushed aluminium, semi-gloss, or aluminium surfaces suitable for anodising: Menzerna aluminium polishing pastes guarantee ultimate surface quality, process security and speed in all application cases.

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