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menzerna polishing compounds GmbH & Co. KG

Industriestraße 25
76470 Ötigheim

Phone: +49 (0)7222 91 57 0
Fax: +49 (0)7222 91 57 810


Which surface do you want to polish?

High-gloss results with Menzerna polishing systems

Polishing pastes from Menzerna increase both the functional and the aesthetic value of a wide variety of surfaces. Polishes produce flawless high-gloss surfaces and maintain value.

Polishes for Aluminium, Metal, Stainless Steel, Car Paint, Wood and Plastics

The right polishing paste for any surface

Aluminium decorative trim, high quality household goods made of stainless steel, gold and silver jewellery or lacquered furniture surfaces and musical instruments are transformed into luxury articles by polishing. Stressed automobile clear coats appear like new again, defects are repaired. The chrome gloss on brass sanitary fittings and other galvanically coated components only comes into its own when the brass is properly polished prior to coating. Precision machine components made of steel only work when the roughness specifications are met exactly. As specialists for industrial polishing, we know how to achieve the desired surface quality. Not only does this require the right polishing process, but also the ideal combination of materials and ingredients.

Polishing paste know-how: individually tailored to a wide variety of surfaces

Polishing results of the highest quality on the materials of today and tomorrow

Coatings and alloys that are commonly used today are subject to continuous further development, in part becoming harder and therefore more difficult to polish. New production methods and finished casting parts keep on posing new challenges for Menzerna. We develop polishing pastes and polishing processes for the surfaces of tomorrow with our know-how accumulated over many years, highly modern process analysis and measurement methodology in the Menzerna technical centre. In doing so, we work closely with leading companies in the automobile industry and the sanitary fittings industry, and with the leading coating manufacturers.

Economical polishing processes with brilliant results

Fast and secure processes are most important. Economic efficiency is always in the foreground for industrial enterprises. No matter whether a brushed or high-gloss surface is the desired result in the polishing of aluminium. The cleaning effort and consumption should always be as low as possible. On the other hand, the process itself should be fast. Especially on dark coatings, the surface must have an absolute mirror finish after finishing. The pre-polishing paste should produce as much as possible and only as much roughness as necessary. Then the surface is further processed to a high-gloss finish as quickly as possible. Polishing pastes from Menzerna are individually tailored to overcome the respective challenges encountered in polishing a wide variety of surfaces. For high-gloss results and economical polishing processes.

The latest polishing technology for any surface

The demands regarding the quality of the surface finish are different for every surface. Only a high gloss counts on coatings, especially when it comes to dark colours. Precious metals become jewellery only if they are polished to a flawless deep gloss. Even the smallest signs of fading and polishing marks are unacceptable on household goods such as cookware and cutlery made of stainless steel. When polishing aluminium, the end result may also be a semi-gloss or brushed surface. On fittings, the adhesion of residues that are difficult to remove must be prevented so the degreasing bath in electroplating is not contaminated. As a specialist for industrial polishing, we know what ingredients have to be combined in order to achieve the desired surface quality – on any material.