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menzerna polishing compounds GmbH & Co. KG

Industriestraße 25
76470 Ötigheim

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Fitness test for polishing processes

Optimising sanding and polishing processes with the Menzerna fingerprint method

In practice it is sometimes uncertain whether the quality and productivity of polishing processes have been optimised. To answer this question, comparative polishing tests have to be carried out while recording measurements under controlled conditions. Precisely this is often difficult to accomplish in the course of production. We analyse and optimise your sanding and polishing processes on the basis of measurement data and help you identify potential for improvements.

Fingerprint method project example

Benefits of the Menzerna fingerprint method

With the Menzerna fingerprint method, the gloss value and cycle time can be determined precisely under various conditions. This makes it possible to compare numerous polishing processes in a very short time, varying the parameters and consumables. Potential improvements are therefore easy to identify. All insights are based on reproducible measurement data, not on subjective assessments. The test series can be conducted using standardised material specimens and a simple component geometry, simplifying the procurement of specimens. Tooling, palletising and programming costs are therefore not incurred. After completing the test series, the optimum process settings in regards to polishing time, contact pressure, tools and polishing compounds are determined according to the project objective. With the Menzerna fingerprint method, industrial enterprises can systematically optimise the performance of their polishing processes.

How can the Menzerna fingerprint method improve my process?

Even what appears to be the best process still harbours potential for improvements and cost reductions. The Menzerna fingerprint method helps identify this potential. Even with low scrap rates, cost reduction potential can still be identified by optimising individual process parameters. The Menzerna fingerprint method makes it possible to only vary the factor being investigated out of numerous process parameters such as the material, cycle time, polishing paste, polishing tool, rotation speed or contact pressure while all other factors are kept constant. Thanks to the latest measuring technology of the robot cell in the Menzerna technical centre, a lot of data can be read directly while the test series are being conducted. This makes it possible to precisely measure performance differences between polishing pastes or tools. However, it is also possible to develop a fully optimised polishing process by investigating all relevant parameters step by step. The applications for this unique method are varied. For example, the maximum achievable surface quality (Ra, Rz, Rmax) can be determined. Valuable insights can also be supplied by the Menzerna fingerprint method for the improvement of gloss values, error statistics, cycle times and processing times. In case of general uncertainty whether the process as such has been optimised or when new materials or geometries are processed, the optimum process settings can be determined with this method. Other possible study objectives include optimised temperature profiles during the polishing process, removal rates and comparisons between a solid paste and emulsion.

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