Fast-acting polish for pre-polishing, with a broad spectrum of applications

439T is a universal and fast-acting pre-polishing compound with a broad spectrum of applications. Quickly removes rotation marks, orange peel, and sanding marks.

Heavy Cut Compound

Grease content





1,1 kg 07001.056.001
250 gr. 07001.076.001

Suitable for

  • Aluminum
  • Brass/nonferrous metals
  • Stainless steel
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We help industrial operations improve their sanding and polishing processes. Together, we will improve your quality and productivity, achieving measurable results. The key to success? Understanding all aspects of the process.

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Through many years of practical experience, methodological knowledge and a structured way of working, we obtain data and prepare analysis. Benefit from our expertise in process development, compound development, cost optimization as well as in the evaluation of investment processes.

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Polishing compounds
Polishing compounds

Polishing agents

Polishing compounds, emulsions or polishes: Menzerna develops and produces the right polishing compound for your application. With a variety of innovative formulations, we cover all areas of industrial polishing. Our polishing agents stand for quality, speed and process reliability.

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Industry sectors
Industry sectors


Menzerna develops and produces industry-specific polishing solutions and gives premium brands their gloss. Individually tailored to aluminum, brass, metals, stainless steel, lacquer, precious metals and a wide range of other surfaces.

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Solid compound 439T

This polishing compound can be used to polish brass, stainless steel, and aluminum. But 439T is not only ideal as an aluminum polish, but also as a polishing compound for metal and brass.

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