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Menzerna is the world’s biggest manufacturer of solid polishing compounds. The product portfolio comprises solid polishing compounds for all common materials: aluminum, stainless steel, brass, plastic, varnished wood, and precious metals. Polishing compounds from Menzerna are an appropriate choice for manual workplaces as well as for fully automated polishing systems.

Super Heavy Cut

On unfinished aluminium or brass parts and brass mill scale: Our solid polishing pastes with very high abrasiveness produce a brushed, deburred or satin surface finish.

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Heavy Cut

The polishing pastes in the Heavy Cut segment are ideal for the fast and thorough removal of defects ranging from throwing marks to grinding marks on metals. Scratches and surface defects on coatings are reliably eliminated.

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Medium Cut

Sanding and polishing pastes in the Medium Cut segment ensure consistent polishing results with no deep scratches and guarantee a beautiful gloss on all surfaces. These polishing pastes are suitable for a broad range of applications.

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The highest gloss level in the shortest time: Menzerna finishing pastes meet the highest gloss level requirements – on all surfaces.

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Super Finish

The polishing pastes in the Super Finish segment are super fine high gloss pastes for brilliant surfaces with a deep gloss. They are versatile in application and ensure premium polishing results with the hugest gloss level.

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Menzerna solid polishing compounds

Not all polishing agents are created equal. Solid polishing compounds have to meet a variety of requirements depending on the material. For example, a polishing paste with a higher grease content should be used on hard aluminium alloys. The polishing compound is not permitted to leave any polishing marks when polishing brass components. That is because these polishing defects only become visible after galvanising. The most effective possible heat dissipation on coated surfaces should be guaranteed. Avoiding surface wear or waves is the objective here. Our solid polishing compounds are especially designed for delicate surfaces. With Menzerna solid compounds, you get flawless results even on the most difficult work piece geometries with short polishing times. For polishing decorative aluminium parts, cutlery, fittings, furniture, musical instruments and jewellery: You cannot go wrong with Menzerna solid compounds.