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menzerna polishing compounds GmbH & Co. KG

Industriestraße 25
76470 Ötigheim

Phone: +49 (0)7222 91 57 0
Fax: +49 (0)7222 91 57 810


Menzerna customers get a headstart

Our mission

We improve the quality and efficiency of polishing processes, and are preferred development partner to our customers. In this way we support our clients in gaining sustainable competitive advantages.

More information:


  • We grow profitably and steadily by continuously developing new business opportunities.
  • We generate an adequate return on equity for our shareholders.
  • We are a responsible and reliable partner for our customers, suppliers and service providers.
  • Menzerna is a fair employer committed to the satisfaction as well as to the personal and professional development of its employees.
  • We are a learning organization.
  • We practice active environmental protection and social responsibility.
  • Our employees strive to belong to the best and can participate in the company's success.

Core competencies

Menzerna has many decades of accumulated know-how in formulation and production technology for polishing compounds, covering all areas of mechanical polishing.

Extensive knowledge of raw material markets and development partnerships with lead customers and manufacturers of high performance materials secure our position as industry leader.

We are serving our customers through a widespread network of distributors and subsidiaries in all relevant markets.

Markets and applications

Markets and applications

Menzerna operates in five market segments:

  • Automotive
    Examples: automobile OEMs, decorative car parts, automobile aftermarket (body & paint, refinishing, car repair)
  • Wood working
    Examples: pianos, string instruments, cabinetry, gift boxes, diverse pieces of funiture
  • Industry
    Examples: sanitary fittings, cutlery, cooking ware, lighting equipment
  • Artisanry
    Small and medium sized consumers of solid compounds, mainly in the metal working industry
  • Jewelry
    Examples: watchcases, bracelets, pieces of jewelry

In each segment, Menzerna offers years of experience and application specific products that are brought to our customers through a widespread system of sales channels worldwide.


Menzerna offers the following product lines:

All Menzerna products are tuned to the needs of industrial customers and professionals. A wide range of formulations is available in numerous types of packaging and supplemented by accessories certified by Menzerna.


  • We will maintain and further expand our leading position in furniture & music and in the industrial segment.
  • We will strengthen our position as No. 2 in the automobile OEM and aftermarket segment worldwide.
  • We will create new business opportunities for existing products.
  • We will develop new products for related applications on the basis of our present capabilities.
  • We will enhance the attractiveness of our offering by value-added services and complementary products.

Legal structure

Menzerna Polishing Compounds GmbH & Co KG (trade register of Mannheim No.: HRA 701068) is wholly owned by the Menzerna Werk GmbH & Co KG (trade register of Mannheim No.: HRA 521082). The owner is the Franz family.
Menzerna Werk is also the sole shareholder of Menzerna International GmbH which holds the shares of all international Menzerna subsidiaries.

The corporate headquarter is in 76470 Ötigheim, Germany.