Menzerna SHCC 300: Formulation improvement

The ultimate sanding polish further improved 

The ultimate sanding polish further improved  

With the Super Heavy Cut Compound 300 improved formulation, the polish experts at Menzerna have been able to further improve the ultimate sanding polish. The improved formulation dispenses with aggressive solvents, yet it removes P1200 grit sanding marks, as well as signs of use, in the shortest possible time without damaging the surface. 

In addition, the "new 300" is no longer subject to labeling requirements, so hazard symbols are no longer necessary. 

The new formulation is also more comfortable to use, as odor has been reduced. This, of course, with the same performance. 


With the revision of the original Super Heavy Cut Compound 300, we were able to further improve our strong product and make it even more user-friendly.