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Car polishes from Menzerna are particularly suited for vehicle painting because they are free of silicones and fillers. With Menzerna, vehicle painters can quickly make spot repairs, reliably repair imperfections, and touching up partial areas. Developed and proven on the paint systems of the leading manufacturers: Whether on hard or soft finishes, fresh coating, or a finish from an older generation – Menzerna has the right polish for every kind of coating. When touching up car paint, vehicle painters always rely on Menzerna polishing systems, which are oriented to industrial standards.

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Vehicle painters

Menzerna polishes are developed in conjunction with leading paint manufacturers and are therefore suited to all common car paints of today and tomorrow.

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Short polishing times are in demand for body and paint shops: Defects such as varnish runs, drips, inclusions or overspray should be eliminated. Blending is required to match the look of adjacent vehicle components. Menzerna car paint polish without dust development is advantageous, especially in the sensitive coating environment. Polishing compounds and sealants free of volatile silicones and safe for automotive lacquer clear coats are essential for contactless processes in the workshop. Body and paint shops can offer their customers more with Menzerna one-step products. Eliminating process steps shortens the car paint polishing process. That opens up options. For instance, a finish that was previously not attainable for cost reasons, or a silicone-free sealant. That is polishing of the latest generation for coating repair: Perfect, high-gloss, protected surface finishes with results equal to professional auto detailing.



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