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Dull coatings and signs of use on second-hand vehicles and the reconditioning of new vehicle coatings are the daily business of vehicle detailers. With a new gloss and long-lasting coating protection, detailing improves the visual appearance of the coating and maintains a vehicle’s value. Professional detailers choose polishing agents from the specialists for that. Menzerna offers detailers process reliability, clean, speedy work, economical material use, and high-gloss results. That’s because car polish developed for cost-effectiveness and quality increases success.

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Menzerna automotive polishes were developed in close consultation with leading auto manufacturers and are oriented toward the requirements of commercial vehicle detailing.

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Menzerna offers a complete, tested range of car polishes oriented to industrial process standards. In includes abrasive sanding compounds, finishes for producing hologram-free surfaces and a mirror finish as well as sealants with a long service life. Menzerna combines high abrasiveness with a brilliant high gloss in innovative one-step products. The range is rounded out with a convincing range of accessories. Material consumption is low. The products work efficiently and are straightforward to process manually or with eccentric and rotative polishing machines, with no dust development. Private customers, car dealerships and used vehicle dealers expect professional automobile reconditioning to produce long-lasting polishing results of high quality. Produced without the use of silicones and fillers, professional automotive detailing supplies from Menzerna make honest, lasting polishing results possible.



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