Heavy Cut Compound 400

An innovative automotive polish that removes scratches and creates gloss in a single step

The professional polish for automotive clear coats – with a new and improved formula – always leaves a glistening impression. As the detailers’ favorite polish, it eliminates sanding marks in record time, quickly removes scratches on the car, and generates gloss all the way to the finish. Thanks to cutting-edge polishing technology with diminishing abrasives.

Multi-stage premium polish


  • Rotary:
    At the start: 800–1,500 rpm
    Towards the end: 1,800–2,000 rpm
  • Orbital:
    Lower to upper rotational speed range


250ml 22202.281.001
1l 22202.261.001




Step 1
Heavy Cut
Step 2
Medium Cut
Step 3
Step 4
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More information

  • Improved formula
  • Polishes and generates gloss in a single step
  • Saves time thanks to single-stage working (cut to finish)
  • Speedy removal of deep car paint scratches
  • Easy to wipe away
  • Highly effective
  • Outstanding gloss
  • Silicone-free
  • No buildup of dust
Recommended usage
  1. Clean the surface thoroughly.
  2. Shake the bottle and apply the polish to the polishing pad.
  3. Use either a rotary or an orbital polishing machine and use the cross-coating method. Start by polishing at a low rotational speed while exerting strong pressure.
  4. Take away the pressure in the final cycles and increase the speed of the polishing machine.
  5. At first, the polish will seem a little milky and should be worked in until only a slightly transparent/oily film is visible.
  6. Once you have finished polishing, remove any residue with the Premium microfiber cloth.
  7. Depending on the demands of the surface, a second stage may be performed. Here, you have the option of reapplying Menzerna HCC 400 or using a Menzerna Finish polish.
Process Example


Questions & answers

Do you have a question? We have the answer. On our FAQ page you will find frequently asked questions with the corresponding answers.

To the FAQs

Menzerna’s professional polishes are high-quality premium polishes made from high-quality polishing agents without any fillers or silicones. Which Menzerna polish is the right car polish for each application depends on many factors (type of paint, condition, desired polishing machine, etc.).


With the rework of our car polish Heavy Cut Compound 400, we were able to further improve our multi-stage premium polish. The improved formulation ensures effective and user-friendly work. More pleasant working without solvent odor, easier removal of the polish as well as less dust development now ensure better polishing experiences.  Find an explanatory video of the HCC 400 Improved Formulation here.

It takes a multi-stage polishing process to give a car the ultimate level of shine. Menzerna offers various combinations that lead to a showroom finish. For example, the following finishes can be used in the order specified: HCC 400, MCP 2500, SFP 3800. To maintain the polishing results, a sealant such as Power Lock can be applied afterwards.

Black paint is polished like other colors of paint. Either a Heavy Cut, Medium Cut, or Finish polish is selected depending on the condition of the paint. Because even the smallest scratches are easy to see on black cars, we recommend finishing off the polishing process with a Finish polish. The SF 3500 and SFP 3800 gloss polishes create the ultimate shine even on dark paints.


A ceramic coating can be removed with a Heavy Cut polish (e.g., HCC400) and the Heavy Cut Foam Pad.


Car polish HCC 400

The HCC 400 automotive polish always leaves a glistening impression. It represents the perfect choice when it comes to removing scratches while simultaneously generating gloss. This abrasive polish is suitable for all car coatings and boasts ease of use.

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