Premium Backing Plate

Premium Backing Plate for polishing machines

The Menzerna Premium Backing Plate is a flexible, high-quality plate with a powerful hook-and-loop underside. It supports safe and comfortable working on corners, edges, and contours. Suitable for all standard polishing machines. The polishing plate is available in three different sizes to match the Menzerna polishing pads.





75mm/ 3'' 26934.099.001 (EU Thread)
75mm/ 3'' 26934.099.133 (US Thread)
123mm/ 5'' 26931.099.001 (EU Thread)
123mm/ 5'' 26931.099.133 (US Thread)
148mm/ 6'' 26935.099.001 (EU Thread)
148mm/ 6'' 26935.099.133 (US Thread)
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More information

  • Flexible, high-quality polishing plate
  • Powerful and durable hook-and-loop underside
  • Suitable for all polishing pads with a diameter of 95 mm/3.5'', 150 mm/6'', and 180 mm/7''

Questions & answers

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To the FAQs

Backing plates are used with rotary polishing machines. Menzerna offers backing plates in three sizes, depending on the size of the polishing pad. It’s important to remember that the polishing pad should always be bigger than the backing plate.


There are rotary and orbital polishing machines. Orbital polishing machines are divided into fixed and random models.


The backing plate of a rotary polishing machine turns in a circle around a fixed point. Rotary machines are ideal for removing deeper cracks in the paint.
The backing plate of the orbital polishing machine produces orbital movements, making the orbital machine suitable for single-stage polishing processes, in particular.


There are two types of orbital polishing machine: random and fixed. The backing plate of a random orbital polishing machine can be turned, while that of a fixed machine cannot.

Premium Backing Plate

Backing Plate in long-lasting Menzerna quality. Perfectly tailored to Menzerna polishing pads and polishes. This professional polishing plate is available in the gauges M14 (EU) and 5/8'' (US), as well as in a range of sizes.

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