Endless Shine

Detailing spray to refresh the gloss

Quick Detailer Endless Shine is like a wellness treatment for all automotive coats. This detailing spray effortlessly removes light specks of dust, water marks, and bird droppings to leave behind a smooth and shiny finish. Includes an outstanding beading effect. Suitable for a variety of surfaces, including paint, glass, plastic, and metal.



  • By hand:
    In circular motions


500ml 22747.271.001
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More information

  • Refreshes protection and gloss
  • Long-lasting sealant
  • Perfect water-beading properties
  • Leaves behind no marks on plastic
  • Versatile: can be used after washing or after polishing
  • Dirt- and dust-repellent coating
  • No added waxes or fillers
Recommended usage
  1. Use: restoring the shine of sealed and unsealed surfaces such as coating, glass, plastic, metal and rubber following washing or sealing.
  2. Spray Menzerna Endless Shine onto the coated surface.
  3. Work in the quick detailer using circular motions.
  4. Use another clean microfiber cloth to dry the surface.
Process Example

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Questions & answers

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A ceramic coating can be maintained with a detailer such as Endless Shine, which restores shine and keeps the beading effect active for longer.


Instructions on how to use a clay bar on cars:

  1. Form the clay into a disk the size of the palm of your hand.    
  2. Spray a sufficient amount of Menzerna Endless Shine onto a manageable surface of paint (approx. 60 × 60 cm).    
  3. Wipe the clay across the surface in straight movements (avoid circular movements). Do not apply any pressure. Make sure that there’s always enough Endless Shine on the surface to keep the clay sliding over the paint. Never use detailing clay dry.
  4. Once the first section has been cleaned, fold the contaminants into the inside and form another flat disk.


Menzerna offers polishing training courses for polishing beginners and professional vehicle detailers in different countries. These courses are provided by authorized Menzerna trainers. Additional information is available here.

Quick Detailer Endless Shine

Menzerna Endless Shine lends the coat a protective film with brilliant deep shine – including a premium beading effect. This Premium Quick Detailer is swift and straightforward to use. Suitable for car care and a variety of other surfaces.

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