Standard Pad Hard

Standard polishing pad for abrasive polishes

Standard Polishing Pad Hard for use with abrasive polishes. The Menzerna Standard Pad Hard removes sanding marks and surface imperfections.



  • Rotary


150mm/ 6" 26900.223.002
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  • Tailored to Menzerna Heavy Cut polishes

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A sanding pad is designed specifically for sanding and features abrasive grit for material removal. Sanding pads are available with grit of different sizes.
A polishing pad is designed specifically for polishing and is usually made from foam, with various degrees of hardness to choose from, from hard to very soft. There are also lambswool polishing pads and microfiber pads. To the Menzerna Pads.


Recommendation for Menzerna polishes and a surface measuring 40 cm × 40 cm:

  • Pad with a diameter of 95 mm: 3 to 4 pea-sized drops
  • Pad with a diameter of 150 mm: 5 pea-sized drops
  • Pad with a diameter of 180 mm: 6 to 7 pea-sized drops


Foam polishing pads can be washed by hand with clear water. Alternatively, a bucket may also be used. Please note: Lambswool polishing pads should never be rinsed with water. Instead, they should be cleaned with a lambswool brush or an air blow gun.


Standard Pad Hard

Standard Schaumstoff Polierpad für die Anwendung der Menzerna Heavy Cut Polituren. Das Polierpad entfernt in Standard foam polishing pad for use with Menzerna Heavy Cut polishes. When used in combination with Menzerna abrasive polishes, this polishing pad removes scratches from the car coat.

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