Premium Power Cut 200

Heavy Cut Polish: Very high abrasiveness for maximum cut

Premium Power Cut 200 (PPC 200) is the ultimate cutting polish for maximum vut and a beautiful shine on gelcoat, topcoat, GFC, CFRP, composites, perspex, PE resin and boat paints. Premium Power Cut 200 delivers perfect results in industrial boat and caravan construction as well as in detailing.

Gelcoat & Composites Polish


250ml 24017.281.080
1l 24017.261.080




Step 1
Heavy Cut
Step 2
Medium Cut
Step 3
Step 4

Suitable for

- Gelcoat
- Topcoat
- GFRP, CFRP-Composites
- Perspex
- PE-reisin
- Boat paints
And many more!

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More information

  • Maximum cut
  • Reduces the necessary polishing effort considerably
  • Low consumption ensures cost savings
  • Ideal for all types of gelcoat
Recommended usage
  1. Clean the surface thoroughly.
  2. Shake the bottle and apply about 15 g of polishing compound to the double-sided lambswool
  3. Work in a crossing motion. Apply strong, even pressure while polishing and run the product at a consistently low speed. When the product has been homogeneously distributed and worked into the surface after a few seconds, increase the speed. Work over as large an area as possible to reduce heat build-up at certain points.
  4. The polish is fully applied when only a slightly transparent or oily film is visible.
  5. Remove polish residues with a microfibre cloth. Optionally, clean with Menzerna Control Cleaner to check the polishing result.
  6. Grinding and wear marks are now removed. For a glossy surface, apply a Menzerna Finish product as required, e.g. when using on dark paintwork, to remove any holograms and polishing marks.


Questions & answers

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Menzerna has developed polishes specifically for gel coats. You can choose between different boat polishes for any application.


Menzerna’s premium pads are color-coordinated with the polish labels. The recommended polishing accessories can be found on each product’s detail page on our website. Product overview.


Recommendation for Menzerna polishes and a surface measuring 40 cm × 40 cm:

  • Pad with a diameter of 95 mm: 3 to 4 pea-sized drops
  • Pad with a diameter of 150 mm: 5 pea-sized drops
  • Pad with a diameter of 180 mm: 6 to 7 pea-sized drops


Premium Power Cut 200 boat polish - maximum cut!

Menzerna Premium Power Cut 200 is a heavy cut boat polish for maximum cut. It reliably and efficiently removes scratches and imperfections on gelcoat and other composite surfaces. The ideal choice for heavily used surfaces!

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