Gelcoat Liquid Sanding

Liquid sanding paper to prepare the gel coat

Unleash the power. Liquid sanding is a groundbreaking innovation from Menzerna. This liquid sandpaper vigorously treats highly scratched, soiled, and crusted gel coats. Liquid sanding smooths out areas in need of repair. The perfect surface preparation to facilitate subsequent polishing.

Preparation of the gel coat

More information

  • High-quality sanding powder, extremely easy to use
  • Even sanding pattern
  • Clean sanding pattern, even on contours
Process Example

Boat polish Gelcoat Liquid Sanding

Menzerna Gelcoat Liquid Sanding sands the boat’s coat and prepares the gel coat for polishing.  The liquid sanding compound treats heavily scratched nautical coats. The perfect preparation for subsequent polishing of the fiberglass.

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