Adapter Double Sided Lambwool Pad

Necessary in order to use the Double-Sided Lambswool Pad

An adapter is required in order to use the Double-Sided Lambswool Pad. The adapter makes it quick and straightforward to attach the pad to all standard polishing machines.



  • Rotary


EU (M14) 26918.099.001
US (5/8'') 26918.099.133
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Which polishing pad is suitable is dependent on the surface composition, the type of paint, the type of machine, and the polish selected. Menzerna offers the right polishing pads for each of its polishes. Recommendations are available on each product’s detail page. Product overview.



A sanding pad is designed specifically for sanding and features abrasive grit for material removal. Sanding pads are available with grit of different sizes.
A polishing pad is designed specifically for polishing and is usually made from foam, with various degrees of hardness to choose from, from hard to very soft. There are also lambswool polishing pads and microfiber pads. To the Menzerna Pads.


Polishing pads are generally divided into foam pads, microfiber pads, and lambswool polishing pads. Menzerna offers foam polishing pads in various degrees of hardness as well as a variety of lambswool pads for orbital and rotary polishing machines. Polishing pads come in different sizes.

Here you will find an overview of our polishing pads.

Adapter Double Sided Lambwool Pad

In order to use the Double-Sided Lambswool Pad, an adapter has to be fitted to the rotary polishing machine.

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